Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Not really my cup of tea...

This is called "figure", dolls of some cartoon's actors. These are sold to adults who love cartoons, called otaku. Some otaku shops are in Akihabara, but it is just another side of this town, or Japan.


At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats also very popular in Shanghai!
You know, during this national holidays,there are 21 cartoon exhibitions in the mainland,and 2 is in Shanghai. So popular that its a little bit difficult to buy the tickets here!
I like some cartoon characters too.

At 6:43 AM, Blogger Ben said...

It’s definitely not my cup of tea. Adult? Why? I don’t understand….

At 10:26 PM, Blogger macky said...

to jing
I hope you can enjoy it!!
to ben
I cannot understand why adult men buy it, too, but it is real...
Anyway, that town has many faces and very attractive!


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