Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A root of Akihabara, the most famous electric town in Japan

Akihabara town is famous for tons of electric&PC shops and otaku, people who love cartoon, shops.

Originally some shops dealing in electronic parts have formed this town. These shops have sold many kinds of electron elements for people to make radios or computers on their own.

Then electric and PC shops were increasing and now some shops turn to sell cartoon-related goods.

These picture is the roots of this city and we can see that kinds of stores only in this town in Japan.

(tomorrow picture will be about otaku culture)


At 7:26 PM, Blogger Ben said...

I my junior high, hi school days, there was a lot's of parts shop and tool shops.
Those parts are mostly for Hi-Fi component (well obviously it was a pre-PC era...)
PC in Japan (NEC was a big name) and I remember the KIPT computer called TK-80.
NEC had a showroom that people can use computer in registered time for free. (good old days, hah?)
There was filled with mostly hi-school, university kids to do some experiment, games and so on.

I actually build that Kit for school project at my Technical-High.

I think my friend was working in this town if he's not changed his job.

Thank you for posting this, I remember many things.

PS. Back then, it wasn't only for "otaku" but many ordinary people were there for records (not CD), electric equipment, white-ware, and so on. (I guess still does, does it?)

At 5:49 AM, Blogger Grant F said...

akihabara and its osaka equivalent den-den town were my ideas of shopping hell! great photos though...am wondering what kind of otake picture you'll have tomorrow. また明日ね!

At 10:48 AM, Blogger macky said...

To ben: thank you for your descriptive comments. Incredibly there are still now shops dealing in vacuum tube, evacuated tube. That's great to build the KIT.You really know much about this town! Actually I do not go there so much though I live in Tokyo. As a junior high school student, I used PC9800 of NEC a little but don't know TK-80. It sounds a little classical. This is Mai-com age? In Japan Personal Computer is called Micro Computer, as you may know. As you said, many people are not otaku but just ordinary there.
To grant f: thank you for your comment:-) Nice Japanese! Had you been in Osaka?

At 3:21 PM, Blogger Ben said...

Yup, That's right it is mycom, but TK-80 is littl ebet earlerthan that. It is the fist kit computer from NEC. PC9800 is very much late before that there PC88xx series. Yiu might not know that BS80 whci is TK80+extend board + specal plastic shell for integrate all the board and keyboard + tape (use normal audio tape) recorder to save/load program.

TDK tape was very good for recording program, same as audio.

If yiu google TK-80, yiu might find a picture and info. (I did in past, but don;t remember URL...)

Have a nice weekend.


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