Monday, August 28, 2006

A old house: Tsukiji, Tokyo

Tsukiji, Tokyo
The old house is near Tsukiji Fish Market. Its wall is covered with copper, and has turned light green because of the long-term exposure to the rain and wind. The change of color makes it quite tasteful.

By the way, the house was built before World War Two, more than 60 years ago. That kinds of old houses remains little in the middle of the capital, Tokyo.

In the 20th century, Tokyo had two devastating wipe-out, which is the catastrophic earthquake in 1923 and several attacks in 1945.

In 1923, more than a hundred thousand were killed and more than two millions were escaped to outside. In 1945, more than half the whole Tokyo were fired.

Fortunately the house was not attacked because near the house were the church and hospital built by the US. In Tsukiji, that kinds of several houses are exceptionally left.

A old house has a soft atmosphere, brought by the long-time passing.

In Tsukiji, Tokyo


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