Friday, August 25, 2006

Katsuo-bushi, boiled and dried bonito fish, Tsukiji Tokyo

Tsukiji, Tokyo
This photo is katsuo-bishi, boiled and dried bonito fish, selling outside the Tsukiji Fish Market.

The following is how to make Katsuo-bushi:

1. cutting a whole bonito into three or four piece of fillets
2. boiling up them
3. getting out of them from the hot water
4. smoking and drying them

Katsuo-bushi is very familiar with Japanese, but we have little chance to eat them. Like Konbu, dried kelp, and Niboshi, dried sardine, Katuo-bushi is usually used as extracting the umami of Japanese cusine, called dashi, from it.

Katsuo-bushi is definitely indispensable to the Japanese cusine.

at Tsukiji, Tokyo