Friday, September 15, 2006

Game arcade: Tokyo


This is a game arcade and most of the customers are young. In the dim space are arranged many games, costing 100 or 200JPY.

This young boy is dancing and stepping to the music of the computer.

Some games are to play the guitar and to beat the drum.

I think that it is better to enjoy the real guitar, or the real drum, not virtual.

at Shinjuku, Tokyo


At 6:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have this game in Budapest, too. And its interesting most of the time only Asian kids are using it. They love it:)

At 7:46 AM, Blogger macky said...

It's surprising! The game is difficult for me and I prefer to go clubbing and dancing on a real dance floor.

I saw it in a music clip of Madonna, some song in the album of "confession on a dance floor".


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